Recording / Studio Time

  • Hour – 65 CHF

  • Full day (8h) – 500 CHF

Mixing (Includes Mastering)

  • Without Editing – 250 CHF per Song

  • Including Editing – 350 CHF per Song


  • Song – 50 CHF

  • DDP/Redbook CD – 80 CHF


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On-site recording

  • Contact us


  • I have good knowledge in music theory, producing and I play various instruments.
    I can help you to give your idea the final touch and can play for example the guitars on your record if you don`t have the possibility.

Art design

  • If you need an artwork, homepage, band logo, digipack, etc. I have a business partnership with one of the greatest art design studio out there. RAZORIMAGES

!!Special deal packages!!

  • The Diva Package 🙂 – 150 CHF

This package includes: Recording vocals to your own backing track, I do the mixing and mastering.

Just to mention: Your song will sound much better if you record some nice overdubs or add a second or third voice, for example in the chorus. Think about it!

  • The Demo Deal – 1500 CHF

This package includes: recording of three songs, mixing and mastering. Max amount of time: 3 days/24 hours without any additional cost.

  • The EP Deal – 3500 CHF

This package includes: recording of six songs, mixing, mastering. Max amount of time: 7 days/56 hours without any additional cost.

  • The EP & Art design Deal – 4500 CHF

This package includes: recording of six songs, mixing, mastering and an absolute amazing standard 4 Panel CD DigiPak graphic design includes (Logo, Artwork, small Booklet, Cd Lable) from one of the best art design studio out there! RAZORIMAGES
Max amount of time: 7 days/56 hours without any additional cost.


  1. Markus Lehmann & Marco Friedmann - Zigeunerweisen (Recording - Mix - Master) 8:37
  2. RayDrma - Hanoi (Co-production - Mix) 3:07
  3. Epic Cinematic Instrumental Metal - The Awakening of the Giant (Recording - Mix - Master) 4:13



Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800k @ 3.40GHz (12CPUs); 32 GB RAM
Steinberg Cubase 9 Pro
Steinberg Wavelab 8.5 Pro

Monitoring & Headphones

Neumann KH 120 studio monitors
Fostex TH-600
2x Sennheiser HD-25 CII
Extreme isolation headphones EX-29


Horch Rm2j Mk II
BeezNeez Arabella
BeezNeez Lulu Fet (x2)
Neumann Km 184 (x2)
Shure Sm 7B
Shure Beta 52A
Shure Sm 57 (2x)
Shure Sm 57 Mod
Shure Sm 58 (3x)
Audix Om 7
Audix D6
Audix D4
Audix D2 (3x)
Ddrum chorme elite Triggers (1xBD,1sSN,4xTom)
MXL 770

AD/DA & Outboard

RME Fireface UFX
RME Babyface
RME Octamic II
Forsell SMP 2
BAE 1073 MPF
Furmann Pl Pro DMC E
Radial J48
Radial X Amp

Amps / Cabs

Driftwood Purple Nightmare
Mesa Boogie Mark V
Engl Savage 120
EVH 5150 III 100w
Peavey 6505
Markbass cmd 121p
Hesu 2×12 Custom cab
Engl E412 Vintage Pro
Mesa Rectifier 4×12 OS Slant
EVH 4×12


Kurzweil Sp4-8 Stage Piano
Korg Micro Key 37
Nektar Impact GX61


Zildjian 14″ K-Serie Hi-Hat
Zildjian 16″ K-Serie Dark Thin Crash
Zildjian 18″ K-Serie Dark Thin Crash
Zildjian 20″ K-Serie Ride
Pearl BLX All Birch Shell 10″, 13″, 16″, 22″
Pearl Ultra Cast Snare
Yamaha DFP8500C double drum pedal

Studio Rooms

16 sqm iso recording booth  („room-in-room“, acoustically optimized)
12 sqm control room (acoustically optimized)

Virtual Instruments

East West / Quantum Leap
Hollywood Strings
Hollywood Brass
Hollywood Woodwinds
Hollywood Percussion
Hollywood Harp
Stormdrum 3
Symphonic Choir
Voices of Passion

Superrior Drummer
Metal Foundry SDX

Best Service / Eduardo Tarilonte
Celtic Winds
Era Medieval Legends II
Forrest Kingdom II

Native Instruments
Ultimate Komplet 10
Emotive Stings

Epic Dhol Ensemble
Project Sam Lumina
Steven Slate Drums 4
Get Good Drums
Soundiron Olympus Choir
Cinematic Strings 2
Spitfire Audio Albion One
Sonokinetic Accordion
Sonokinetic Capriccio

Guitars & Basses

Jackson King V USA
Siggi Braun custom V
Blackat Custom with Evertune
PRS 25 anniversary Custom 24
PRS P 24
PRS 1995 custom 22
Rickenbacker 4003
Mensinger Cazpar Bass
Gary Levinson Sangamon LS-23


Darkglass Microtubes x7
Maxon OD808
Airis Effects Savage Drive
Protone Pedals Merrow Drive
Georg Lynch Dragon Wah
Dunlop Cry Baby CB-535Q
Nux Loop Core


Izotope Ozone 8 advance
and a lot more